Sara Edholm

Sara Edholm
swe Sweden
Current Team
Sparkling Unicorns
October 21, 1988
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2022 Team – Linnea Petersson (main/tactics), Anna Forsling (trim), Madeleine Lithvall (trim/pit), Raisa Räisänen (bow).

We are a team from Stockholm in Sweden who started sailing together in 2020 and will now participate in our first big international regatta together. The girls in the team have sailed in various types of classes before staring sailing together ranging from offshore racing to dinghy sailing. Some are quite new to match racing, but Sara Edholm has previously raced with other Swedish match racing teams in other positions (main/tactics, trimmer or bow). Together with Raisa, Sara participated in a few WIM series events between 2016 to 2018 with skipper Linnea Floser and has  also sailed two events with Sanna Häger and one event with Ekaterina Kochkina, however this will be my debut as a skipper in a large event.

The team is called Sparkling Unicorns and our motto is to Always Be Sparkling! Our goal is to have the most fun, learn and improve and of course to be the most team with the most sparkle. Team song: Clamour for Glamour with the Ark.

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